On an average day in 1991, Dustin Pollock made a visit to a small store in Mifflintown called Mifflintown Music. Dustin was already a musician and was there to make a few small purchases. As he was leaving he said to the owner, Darryl O'donnel, "See ya later". Darryl replied, "Maybe not". A conversation then started, and Darryl told Dustin that he was selling the store and moving to Nashville. After a couple nights of thought, Dustin looked into buying the business. September 21st 1991, the purchase was made. DP's Music was immediately moved to a new Burnham Location. The store remained there until 1993. The store was moved from Burnham to it's Downtown Lewistown location. The store was expanded and almost doubled in size in 1996 in the same location. As business grew as well as the inventory the search was on for a bigger building. It was found and the move was made in April of 2002. DP's Music is now at its larger and super convenient location, just West of Lewistown on Rt. 22, across from Wal-mart. We hope you enjoy the web site and any shopping you may do at DP's Music.

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